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a pillow

Limited edition pillows,
hand screened
on premium fabrics.


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on purchasing one
ink on skin
ink in skin
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hand crafted spraypaint cans

These cans were made for the Legends of Style 2 show with Seen, Ces, Med, and others in Boston, April 2005. The cans combine my love for vintage spraypaint and the great names sometimes given to colors.

The 4 colors are Depression Grey (0000), Suicide Black(0666), Slit-wrist Red(0001), and Still Blue(0001).

Each can actually started as a a vintage can of a 1980's Krylon "notch-top" or "paper label" spraycan. The cans were emptied and refilled with custom colors (each can of the same color may vary slightly). The caps are painted to match the color and paper labels are attached. The paper labels are reminiscent of the old Borden cans of Krylon, but with an "ALONE" logo, and slight alterations to the text such as "Harmful to All Environments" "Guaranteed Future Classic", and "Worth More When I'm Dead". To top it all off the bar-codes on every can correspond to the can number and the bar codes work.

4 colors were made with only 3 of each making a total of only 12 cans.

Each can is signed and numbered. Contact Me if you are interested in one of the few remaining cans.

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model trains
Ho scale vs N scale

HO scale

HO scale
HO scale
HO scale trains are all one-of-a-kind, hand painted,
7"-10" L x 2" H and $90 each.
$40 purchase at Zakka purchase at Zakka $40 $35 $35 $35 1st train painted. $40 $35 $35 not for sale $30 $35

N scale
N scale trains are
all one-of-a-kind, hand painted,
3 3/4"L x 7/8"H and $45 each.
Backgrounds sold seperately.
a car
an Mp-3 player case
an Mp-3 player case
for a
Creative Zen Micro.
marker and spraypaint on aluminum

roll over mp-3 case to see the inside.


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Prints available. Contact for details.